The single most alien thing about the world Lilith is thrust into is the aliens themselves. There are many different aspects about them that seem to clash with what humans understand. To start, they look different. Jdahya is described throughout the beginning of the novel with detail paid to the ‘sensory organs’ on his ‘face’, giving him a humanlike appearance, but just enough that it’s foreign and thus ‘alien’. Continuing on, although he seems to act human, the thought process of the aliens is obviously different. Jdahya hardly shows emotion, and would just as soon continue to ignore Lilith than lie to her, as pointed out in class. The aliens give her the basic necessities, but ignore her for the majority of her containment, an ability most humans lack. The ooloi have a fascination with cancer, something that Lilith cannot understand. Everything that the aliens do, no matter how close to human actions as they may seem, have are a bit off from those human actions. By the fact that they are not human, they do indeed end up being the most ‘alien’ part of Lilith’s new world, both figuratively and literally.

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