I found it hard to choose any one page to have more significance than the others, but for my blog post I will go with page 66 of the Deluxe Edition of We3. It’s the page where the train has just been destoryed, and the cat and dog have fallen into the water. The dog spends his time pulling a man out of the water, telling himself ‘good dog, help man’. This seemed particularly important to me, because it accentuates the fact that the animals used in the testing really were just normal house pets. A dog is supposed to be man’s best friend, and it’s the dog who goes to help the man. Although the man is already dead, as shown on the next page, the dog still tries to save him. Meanwhile, the cat is off in the background hissing at the dog. This also seems true to the way animals act; cats love you when they feel like it, but are very independent creatures. The art also helps the reader to feel like the characters are not much more than just pets, shoved into unfortunate circumstances. By drawing a panel showing underwater the dog pulling the man to shore, you can see how much he is having to struggle to do so. Afterwards, the dog stands over the man, almost protectively. He compliments himself on helping, something most dogs have the sense to do for their owners. In this case, even though it’s the humans who have put the animals through horrific trials, and who then decide to get rid of them, the dog still wants to help out the men. This makes it more emotional for the reader, when the same humans the dog wants to save continue to try and kill him.

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