Difficulties in Neuromancer.

My initial difficulty upon beginning Neuromancer was the author’s style of writing. I realize he is making you think about the world you’re being tossed into, but personally that is one of my biggest peeves when reading. I feel like if an author is going to create another world for you, (s)he should explain that world, thus making the reading more enjoyable. As it is, I feel like he’s trying too hard to pull off the ‘hard-boiled’ vibe, and it makes the reading significantly less pleasurable and much more of a chore. I was also slightly perturbed with his use of Japan- Yes, it is a technological hub, but I felt like he just threw out locations at random, and had no real basis for why he was using those locations. I also felt that for those souls whom are unfamiliar with the Japanese language, putting words like gaijin alone would make the book all the more confusing. Mostly, my difficulties with this novel lie in his word choice. Reading through it was like swimming against a current of pudding, but significantly less tasty. I feel like his writing only caters to one audience. After struggling almost halfway through the book, I’ve come to the conclusion that it might be interesting, as well as probably make a good movie, if not for his wording. I could struggle through the novel, explanations or not, if it was written in a style that was appealing to me, but unfortunately: It isn’t.

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