Blueprint for a Zombie Apocolypse

My first impression upon reading ‘Darkwater’ was an instant reminder of the movie ’28 Days Later’. In fact, I think the basic beginning- waking up to a world now dead- is similar for most zombie flicks. Even ‘The Walking Dead’ begins with this scene. However, unlike in the zombie genre, tis story does not bring the dead back to life. It does; however, encompass one general rule: Survival. Written in a time of segregation and racism, the story plays at the basic human instinct to survive. Amongst a city of dead people, two survivors of opposite ends of the social structure find each other. It does not occur to either of them that they are black or white, just that they are two surviving humans. Tragedy brings people together. As illustrated again by zombie movies, it’s always an unlikely band of people with different backgrounds and skills who brave the apocalypse together, for the sole purpose of self-preservation. Although at the end ‘Darkwater’ clearly shows the extent of discrimination- the survivors wanting to kill the black man for surviving- It paints the black and white of society at that time.

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