Changes to Frankenstein

After looking through the differences between the 1818 version and the 1831 version of Frankenstein, I was a bit shocked at the changes. Some changes were minor rewordings, although they seem quite pointless, but I can’t begin to comprehend the need to change something that has already been written and published. I understand the times were different, and certain views of Shelley were attempted to be erased; however, it changes the entire meaning of a novel. Take, for instance, the bible. I apologize if this comes off as offensive- But some people hang on every phrase within the bible as if it is an exact quote from the writings of Jesus’ time. Unfortunately, that, too, has been changed over time. Even through translation the bible loses some of it’s meaning, as not all words and phrases are directly translated from one language to another. That being said, Frankenstein loses some of its meaning by being changed. Perhaps the changes were made to make the reading easier on the peoples of the time. The text changes provided online show minimal changes; however, it has been noted in class that there are more major changes that cause the story to lose value. Perhaps Mr. M.K. Joseph, whose edition is quoted, wanted to feel like he had had his own hand in creating Frankenstein.


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